Subscription Terms and Conditions

Subscribing to services gives you access to several advantages:

  • Sending your termination letters by e-mail
  • Unlimited access to all our documents
  • Access to a personal online space to store your documents
  • Helpline
  • subscription price,services are billed to you C$1.99 for 72 hours then C$39.90 per month. Payment for your subscription will be made by direct debit and will contain the wording

    Terms of the subscription

    The subscription can be canceled at any time and unconditionally and at any time. In addition, the termination of your subscription is completely free.

    Your subscription can of course be canceled at any time and without any conditions. You will not be charged for anything when you terminate your subscription because it is completely free!

    To terminate your subscription, simply go to the Termination page and enter the email address with which you have subscribed to your subscription.

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